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  • Meaning Of Lily Of The Valley Flower

    Meaning Of Lily Of The Valley Flower

    What is the symbolism and meaning of Lily of the Valley?
    Lily of the valley is a fragrant flowering plant used in world celebrations, religious ceremonies, weddings and birthdays, perfumes, and gardens. Lily of the valley also known as Mary’s tears, May bells, Jacob’s ladder, ladder to heaven, coverall lily, May lily, lily constancy, our lady’s tears, Muguet, and convallaria.

    Lily of the valley is a plant that is ‘perennial’ and has a cute shape, these plants are fragrant flowers and a fragrant bell-shaped bell that hung on each stem. The flowers appear in spring in the four seasons. Lily of the Valley is one of the most beautiful in the lily family. Flowers are usually white flowers although sometimes there is also a white-colored pink. In September interest issued sweet berry fruit on the petals with a diameter of 5-7 mm. Lily of the Valley is also used for medical purposes, can prevent or reject the poison, used as well as liver and epilepsy treatment purposes. But keep in mind that the lily of the Valley are toxic if consumed in large amounts and can lead to death. Convallatoxin, a poison contained in the plant was used for heart medication purposes. Another use of this interest is to make perfume.

    Lily of the Valley is a symbol of purity, simplicity, charm, and humility and is also believed to bring good luck in the world of romance therefore no wonder the flower is often found in the arrangement of flowers for the wedding. Because these flowers are generally grown in flower in May they it has been named as a symbol of the birth rate in May ( as well as emerald ) and these flowers are often referred to as “may lily “. Another alternative flower for the month of May is all other types of lily flowers. Flower Lily of the Valley is one of the flowers that appear in the Christian Bible stories believed that Our Lady of tears falling on the cross of Jesus transformed into a flower Lily of the Valley. Another story says that the Lily of the Valley flowers appears in the St. George story who fought against the dragon.

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  • Different Types Of Large Flowers With Names

    Different Types Of Large Flowers With Names

    Do you need some information on large flower names? Some large flowers are used for weddings and bouquets. Fact Because there are a thousand flowers in the world, you can expect to see a variety of not only shapes, colors, and scents but also sizes. People like big and large things because the impact will always be greater and better most of the time. The same applies to flowers. The bigger they are the more interesting they look. We list here the most breathtakingly large flowers on earth.


    Actually, dahlia comes in a variety of sizes. You can find them in almost all sizes. It ranges from 1 to 6 feet in height. Dinner plate dahlias are the biggest species that can actually reach a height of 12 inches in diameter.


    These flowers are known to be massive and unapologetically boast magnificent blooms which can reach a height of 6 feet. In fact, the foliage is as massive as the flower. The leaves also showcase interesting colors that range from yellow-green to deep green, and deep red or bronze. The clustered flower is made of 6 feet individual blooms.

    Hardy Hibiscus

    This is a wildflower of the US, but there are hybridized versions that can be as long as 12 inches in diameter. You will find it a lot in summer for this flower loves to be under full sun.


    You can find this flower reach a height of 30 inches tall as it grows. There are a variety of hues available. In each stalk, there are commonly 3 to 4 blossoms that commonly go 6 inches in width.


    Sunflowers are known to grow in all sizes. For the larger ones, American Giant, Skyscraper, and Mammoth sunflowers are popular. The flower can get as big as 3 feet in diameter while the stalk can reach a height of 20 feet.

    Star Of Persia

    This one belongs to the Allium family. The flower got clustered heads, which can grow 10 to 12 inches in diameter. It boasts several purple shades. The flower uniquely exudes the onion smell which is very unique.

    Passion Flower

    You can find the bloom of this flower grow more than 6 inches across. It is a very easy plant to grow and very low maintenance when the roots are strongly built.


    Coming in vibrant colors like pink, purple as well as white, this flower can produce a 3 to 12-inch bloom.


    You can never ignore this flower not only for its beautiful shape and color but also for its breathtaking size it that can go 12 inches in diameter.


    This flower is found from July until October. It comes in colors like white, purple, and red on its bloom that can grow 5 to 7 inches in diameter.

    The Corpse Flower

    This flower is native to Indonesia, where it is called Titan arum. It obtains the name because of its unpleasing smell which is similar to the scent of a corpse. It can grow from 7 to 12 feet tall. It commonly weighs more than 150 pounds in weight.

    Giant Hogweed

    This dangerous flower resembles an umbrella. The inflorescence flower can grow more than 2 feet in width and the stem can reach a height of 15 feet tall stems. It is found along rivers and streams near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

    Rafflesia Arnoldii

    This flower is found in Indonesian rainforests. It is one of an endangered genus of flowers and is considered the largest flower in the world since it can grow up to 3 feet across. The five petals are large and the center got smelly stamen.

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  • Magnolia Flower Facts, Description, and Information

    Magnolia Flower Facts, Description, and Information

    What do you know about the Magnolia flower? Here we are happy to share some information details and facts about Magnolia. Hope you will happy to read these articles and share them with others.




    As far as the color is concerned, you will find this flower mostly come in white. Yet there are some other vibrant hues like purple, pink, mauve, yellow, lavender, and also cream.


    Pink Magnolia Flower Photos

    This flower is quite big in size, but in shape, it appears to be like something else yet it is different. There are big open florets with receptacles at the center. Yet there are other versions, one which got star-shaped petals, but they are longer and one which is in a saucer or cup shape. The fragrance is unique and the leaves are lush green. The attractive side of it is the fruit that pops up which is so similar to a cone.


    In the process of its growth, it was beetles that help it to pollinate and it happens before bees come up. They do self-pollination.


    No. it is not toxic

    Number of Petals

    For the saucer-like magnolia, there are six up to twelve petals on three sepals and for the stamens, they are formed in a spiral manner.


    During the Victorian era, this flower was seen as the symbol of nobility and dignity in England. The bloom of this flower is quite strong and it lasts longer when it is used for decoration. This flower’s beauty has attracted people to use it as a girl’s name because it carries good meanings like strength, beauty, and dignity.

    Blossom time

    You will find them mostly in spring and during the summer as well.


    People consider this flower as one of the oldest flowers which are around for a very long time.
    The meaning of magnolia: It is one flower that is believed to be around since the beginning of time and the start of life itself. This flower survives various climates and some extremes. It is the symbol of endurance and long-lasting energy. The first place where the flower was found is called Martinique Island. Its founder is Pierre Magnol from which the name magnolia is derived. There are more than 240 species in the world, yet they are mostly seen in North and South America, East Asia, and the Himalayas.


    In the aspect of numerology, this flower is at the number 9which is a universal number and is considered to have a completed or perfect cycle thus people believe it is a symbol of nobility and fulfillment in life.

    Herbal Medicine

    In Asian countries like China and Japan, this flower is known to have special uses for medications. It was extracted from the flower buds and tree bark, which contains honokiol and magnolol to deal with anxiety allergies, and asthma. People make herbal medicine for it to get the bioactive ingredients. Read about Top 10 Best Flower Delivery Services

  • Pretty Blue White Wedding Flowers

    Pretty Blue White Wedding Flowers

    Blue wedding flowers are one of the hottest colors for marriage ceremonies. A symbol associated with faithfulness and faithfulness, in addition, it actually is among the loveliest colorings to make use of whenever they want of the calendar year. Although selections for violet flowers are usually somewhat restricted, orange arrangements are incredibly sought after by simply brides. They are a number of wonderful tips intended for azure marriage arrangements.

    Blue bridal blossoms have a very striking charm in the event coupled with various other colors, nonetheless, most of these blossoms are certainly not meant to function as the key style of your respective wedding bouquets. Dark glowing blue marriage blossoms similar to navy blue wedding ceremony blooms go well with pink marriage blossoms, for the reason that color pink can certainly include richness to the cool glowing blue blooms. The leading example could be Delphinium blooms together with magenta ivy in addition to ferns.

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  • Most Popular Flower Tattoos And Their Meanings

    Most Popular Flower Tattoos And Their Meanings

    There are the top 10 flower tattoos and their meanings with the pictures which are popular among tattoo lovers. Tattoo lovers and enthusiasts love to be inked in floral patterns these days. The variety and choices are increasing and most of them are very beautiful. In fact, because of the meanings and symbols they carry, people tend to get tempted to have flowers in their bodies. Though women fancy them more, men are started to get interested as well. The trend of flower tattoos was started in Japan and the reach is getting wider now. However, each flower tattoo tends to get interpreted differently for each region because of some reasons like a legend, religious belief, culture and etc. you might need to do research before deciding on a design of the tattoo. We would like to share some most commonly chosen flowers for tattoo designs here and get you informed.

    Top 10 Flower Tattoos And Their Meanings

    1. Lotus Tattoo

    The most popular one is an unarguable lotus tattoo. This one has a strong philosophical meaning which can be a very great and sacred reason for you to get willingly inked apart from the fact that this one is so beautiful. It represents knowledge, enlightenment, and life.

    2. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

    This one is from Japan and has become popular in the world. This is very close to Japanese culture and is called “Mono no aware”. It represents empathy or sensitivity and delicacy. When it is associated with stories like samurai, the flower is a symbol of life, mortality, and beauty of it.

    3. Chrysanthemum Tattoo

    This one is related closely to Japanese art and is considered the symbol of royalty, perfection, and deity. Apart from that, people also see it as a symbol of joy and happiness. Chinese folks associate it with Taoism which is all about simplicity. People often use it as a gift.

    4. Rose Tattoo

    This one is not so popular yet American traditional folks love to use it. Rose is always the symbol of love and beauty. In the world of tattoos, this flower got profound meaning such as endless love, balance, hope, and a new beginning or new life. Yet it can have negative meanings such as loss and thoughtlessness.

    5. Peony Tattoo

    This one is the king of flowers in Japan. It symbolizes royalty, elegance, fortune, and wealth. Usually, this flower is inked in red for tattoos while the actuality, there are more colors around.

    6. Orchid Tattoo

    In Japan, the orchid is seen as a symbol of brave warriors. Aztec folks believe it is the symbol of power and strength while people in china take it as the representation of prosperity, fertility, and refinement. There are more than 25,000 kinds of orchid flowers that you can choose and each can have different meanings altogether.

    7. Hibiscus Tattoo

    The meaning of this flower is quite simple compared to other flowers, especially in Japan. It means gentle and delicate. Moreover, in Hawaii, the hibiscus is seen as the flower of respect, power, beauty, and royalty.

    8. Lilies Tattoo

    Lilies are so delicate and have been the favorite of women and girls. It is the symbol of divine feminine and perfection. It also means purity, innocence, and compassion.

    9. Poppies Tattoo

    Poppies are found in every single part of the world. However, this fact does not help it get a variety of meanings. There are just a couple of meanings that are quite limited. Greek and Roman tradition believes it is the symbol of death and eternal sleep while universally; people associate it with sleep or peace.

    10. Dogwood Flower Tattoo

    You may find so many meanings in this flower that are different from one culture to the others. It is commonly believed as the symbol of undiminished love by adversity and differences or powerful and undefeated love. Moreover, it can mean empathy, rebirth or incarnation, and rejuvenation. Check out: Perennial Flowers For Herb Garden Ideas