The psychological impact of wearing a suit to work

In most offices, men are more likely to be found in trousers and shirts rather than a traditional suit. However, apart from the way it makes you look, there are other hidden benefits to wearing a suit. Here, we explore how wearing a suit can actually help you in the workplace, in terms of the way it makes you feel and the way you are perceived by others.

According to the Telegraph, 34% of men no longer wear a suit for work. However, for the men that do, there are many positive benefits to ‘dressing up’ for the office.

How to dress well in a suit

Rather like wearing school uniform, for some men, wearing a suit is seen as an easy option, as you don’t really need to think about what you are wearing. However, looking good in a suit does take some effort. It is important to make sure you are wearing shoes that go with the suit, as well as a shirt and tie combination that also works with it.

Rather than wearing a full suit or going all out casual, some male office workers are choosing to wear a combination of the two by teaming casual trousers with men’s designer jackets, for example. Another alternative is to wear the type of shirt you might usually wear with a suit, but wear it without a tie and perhaps with the top button undone, for a classic ‘smart casual’ look.

Reasons to wear a suit

There are many reasons why men like wearing a suit, but most men are probably not aware of the reasons why they should sometimes choose wearing a suit over something more casual. It is widely acknowledged that wearing a suit makes you feel more confident and in control in the workplace. It can help you to feel better able to deal with any issues that might be going on at work. Shopping on sites like means that you really will be able to dress to impress in the office.

So the next time you are getting ready for work, think carefully before you decide not to wear a suit just because you don’t have a meeting or anything to ‘dress up’ for. Wearing one for a regular day in the office can bring many positive benefits.

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