Why Plastic Cotton Buds Are Not Good For Health?

Cotton Buds are one of the major things that pollute water bodies all over the globe. These little buds can be risky for the health of birds. On swallowing these buds, it causes them perforated stomach. Used plastic cotton buds when disposed of in toilets, makes their way into the sewage and lead to marine pollution.

This article will educate you about the harmful effects of cotton buds with plastic spindle and the available safe alternatives.

Why are plastic cotton buds harmful to nature?

Plastic buds do not degrade in nature. They remain in nature and keeps harming the living creatures. Due to its adverse impact on the health of birds, cows, etc. who unknowingly swallows it, many nations have banned its use. A safer and reusable alternative to this harmful aid is bamboo earbuds.

The Willow Trader is a leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of eco-friendly cotton buds in the UK. Their Bamboo Earbuds are characterized by 100 percent biodegradable, 100 percent vegan-friendly, BPA free, plastic-free, and sustainable.

Are Paper Cotton Buds a safer alternative to plastic cotton buds?

Paper is one of the healthier substitutes of plastic. It is more environmental-friendly than plastic. However, it leads to deforestation that again harms the environment.

Not to mention, cotton is the second pollution causing industry in the world. Both of them also harm nature. So, is there any option that is effective as well as safe for nature as well.

Earbuds made from bamboo are characterized as highly affordable as well as nature-friendly. These are reusable aids that make it anytime better than use and throw aids. Looking at the numerous advantages of bamboo-based buds, it makes sense to stop your use of plastic cotton buds.

Benefits of bamboo buds over plastic and paper buds

Here are a few advantages of bamboo earbuds over its competitors


Bamboo is the rapidly expanding plant on the planet. It contains antimicrobial agents, that are found naturally in the plant. There is no requirement of using pesticides, or fertilizers during the time of its cultivation.

In this way, you can be sure that it is completely safe for your health. Furthermore, also has a low carbon footprint and 100% biodegradable. It makes it safer for the environment. Above all, when you buy eco-friendly things, it gives you a morale boost.


Low price is the next important benefit of using bamboo earbuds. A single box of bamboo earbuds has four hundred buds that cost around RM3.9. This is very low in the case of plastic and paper buds.

Travel friendly

Another important benefit of the bamboo earbud is that it is designed to be travel friendly. It does not occupy much space and can be accommodated in your luggage easily.


Paper buds are a safer alternative and substitute for plastic cotton buds. It is environment-friendly as well as safe for children.  By replacing usual plastic cotton buds by paper buds, each one of us can make an important contribution towards safeguarding nature.

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