Few Common Questions that People Often Ask About Bongs and Pipes

If you happen to be a first-time buyer of bong from the market then you may have many questions in your mind. It is quite natural as you will like to know all about it, in order to get comfortable with using bong.

In this article, we have tried to answer most of the questions so that it can help you to choose your bongs while buying from the market. It can also address a number of concerns that you might have about using bongs.

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    1. How does any bong work?

Following are main components of your bong:

  • Down-stem or slide
  • Bowl or pack
  • Tube or body
  • Percolator

Bowl will be packed with herbs, which is attached to down-stem that has holes at the bottom, which carries smoke from bowl to percolator or body. Percolator filters the water and offers a smooth, clean and cool hit via a mouthpiece.

    2. Are bongs better as compared to hand pipes?

Depending upon personal preference or situation at times, you can decide that. Bongs are usually bigger as compared to pipes, hence not easily portable. However, preparing and cleaning any water pipes can also be challenging for few stoners.

Bongs can be expensive. Whether you want a smoother, filter or cooler smoking experience? Depending upon all that, you can decide whether you prefer bong or hand pipes.

    3. What is percolator?

Generally, percolator will hold water and allow filtering of the smoke. They are available in many sizes and shapes. So, their prices may differ. Few bongs are sold with inbuilt percolator, while few can be upgraded later.

Your cool level will depend on the design of the percolator. Few percolators have multiple slits and off chutes, while few have less, but it will count.

    4. What is down-stem?

Down-stem is a small glass piece that is connected to bowl and bottom part of the body of bong. Usually, bongs having diffused down-stem will have slits for filtering the smoke.

You can always order down-stem attachments, but make sure that you get proper size which is suitable for the joint.

    5. Whether bong is considered as healthier smoking alternative?

Smoking can be unhealthy as smoke may enter into your crucial organ called lungs. So, in case you are interested to smoke, then use a water pipe having high diffusion level as well as filtration. Even it can be safer than vaporizers that can always damage your lungs.

Vapor can heat and condense, which will cause your lungs to cool and expand. It may leave behind dense fluids which can fill the tissue and alveoli within the lungs.

    6. What is male/female joint?

Usually, a male joint will look like cone with a taper end, while female joints can be wide like funnel without taper. While buying attachments for male joint choose female attachments only and vice versa.

Just by looking at your bong attachments, you can understand the gender of your bong.

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