General Information about How Old You Need to be for Driving a Car

All young individuals love driving a car. Even a toddler prefers to sit in the chauffeur seat.  Hence, no wonder if a teenager looks for all means to drive a vehicle for thrill and to reach any place fast.

Now, enrolling in driving lessons Melbourne even needs the candidates to be of learner’s age. In reputed driving schools like Pass First Go the trainers are quite particular about their student age to be sixteen years or more to learn driving. In Australia, individuals less than sixteen years of age aren’t eligible for a driving license.

More info about the right age to drive a car:

  • The initial consideration to decide minimum age limit to drive matters highly in the region you reside. On the Australian soil, it is minimum sixteen years to avail the learner driving licence. Once you are twenty-one years old then you can gain permanent driving license as per the Australian traffic laws.
  • In some provinces of Australia, it can be fifteen and 3/4 years of age are more.
  • Now, before hitting upon the road even if you are above sixteen years of age, you need learner’s permit. You need it before you get your full driver’s license.
  • Once you are of the required age limit, you need to do Road Learner License course to know in detail about the traffic rules. It helps to enrol in a good reliable driving school to know the rules and being expert in driving on the road in accordance to the traffic rules.
  • In some regions, for provisional license you need to be seventeen years of age and passed the practical driving test.
  • In some regions, you need to hold your Ps permit until you are twenty years of age to apply for permanent driving license.

More in detail about how to obtain driving license when you are eligible:

  • Driver Knowledge test is mandatory to pass in many states like in Northern Territory regions. Once you have the learner license for six months, there is need to attend practical driving test. Passing of the test paves way to get Ps and after two years of holding Ps, you are eligible to apply for your professional/permanent driving license.
  • In some states, you even need to pass medical test along with written test.
  • You must at the least have done supervised driving of 120 hours to avail for learner driving license.
  • In many states, it is mandatory to drive having zero alcohol in your blood stream. You need to drive within speed limits while driving along with the person supervising your driving skill.

A driving instructor having years of experience in training aspiring drivers are the best help to learn driving like a pro. Their guidance and suggestions are great plus points working in your favour to drive right in few weeks of time. You gain confidence and never fear driving in wrong ways. Hence, join the best driving schools in your region when decided to drive on the road.

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