How to Sell Your Song on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Beatport, etc

COVID-19 lockdown has slowed down the pace of lives and businesses. Musicians are no exception and many of them have experienced their live concerts fade away. Fortunately, technology has empowered businesses and people to carry on. Musicians also got a chance to move forward and work in this pandemic lockdown situation.

Despite being isolated at home or keeping a social distance from the band mates’ musicians need to engage their fans. They need to get familiar with MusicDigi. It is a portal that helps artists put music on Apple Music without any need for distributors or record labels for marketing their album.

Connecting with fans in this COVID-19 situation and selling your song

Virtual tours

Musicians experiencing canceled tours also experience a huge income loss. However, they need to move and get creative in their marketing effort and reach. Besides, people need music to feel happy and stay calm in this depressing scenario. As live music doesn’t happen, artists can plan a virtual tour and allow fans to enjoy the show and even support you.

Even distributing your songs from the virtual tours on MusicDigi can help to get your songs on Spotify. A smart distributor helps to spread your music wide and far. It enhances your visibility. Many ears listen to it and you get paid.

Livestream performances

Livestream shows allow you to get connected with myriads of fans stuck at home. Watching and doing things online to make them feel less isolated. Plan different streams [e.g. harp music or local warm-ups] on different platforms to reach many people. Every show will offer them something different. Encourage people to pay whatever they want as donations. Promoting your Livestream show needs you to get creative.

The Livestream performance can get recorded and you can get it uploaded on a digital music distribution portal like Music Digi. As of today, people spend a lot of time on the World Wide Web. Their way to listen to music has changed. They hardly spend funds on physical CDs or DVDs but choose to visit streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, or Tidal to listen to their favorite number.

Online listening party

You already have a recorded album, but the lockdown has meddled with its release date. Fortunately, you can hold a listening party on Facebook and promote the stream. The online listening party will allow musicians to bond with their fans more closely. Fans can ask the band questions and receive a real-time response to their comments. Many fans will find this access more valuable and feel inspired to buy your music from online stores or streaming services.

Your recorded album can get uploaded on MusicDigi from where you can sell your music on iTunes, Spotify, or Tidal. Thus, even after the release date gets postponed or canceled, your music gets before worldwide fans, Online listening parties on different social networks will help to promote your latest album.

Creatively request support

Asking for support from people can seem selfish because many have lost their income source or are combating the illness. However, music can help them bridge the gap between darkness and silence. It helps to lighten behind closed doors.

You may feel a little guilty to ask people to buy the tune you put on streaming services or online stores, but the reality is many people desire to support local businesses in this critical scenario including musicians. You can communicate your request for support in a simple way upfront, so people know how they can help you.

Using MusicDigi, you can put your music on Tidal or iTunes and promote your album on social channels. For example, on your Facebook page post a message that every sale through your website is commission-free. It is a CTA for fans capable to support you financially. You can even ask fans to watch your videos and follow your page. In this way, you can enhance your social media fan following. Encourage fans to share and promote their favorite singer in their group.


In this coronavirus pandemic, you need to learn and make progress. You can partner with MusicDigi and sell your music online. Thus, control your finance and own 100% of your music rights. You can even gain free access to resources and tools for your music promotion on MusicDigi!

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