Aviator Sunglasses Guide: How to Style Them Properly

It would be best if you remembered that aviator shades could present both command and competence.

Besides, they are perfect for helping you achieve both precision and confidence. First, however, you must learn how to wear them to send the right message you wanted in the first place.

Therefore, you should know about each step on how to choose and style them based on your preferences. Remember that they come with different roles depending on where you use them.

We recommend you to stay with us to learn how to make a good fashion statement by wearing aviators.

Tricks for Wearing Aviators

Even though they come with more functions than style, you can use them with casual clothes such as T-shirts and blue jeans, while you can also combine them with formal attire.

Therefore, if you are going to an outdoor lunch, you should take them out to ensure you make a perfect business impression.

Regular frames come with teardrop-shaped lenses, a horizontal bar across the top, and wireframes. However, things have changed and modified throughout the years to achieve aviators’ feel and appearance.

Nowadays, you can find numerous variations in frame materials and shapes, which is why you should choose based on your preferences and practical requirements.

Some models such as Palm Angels Sunglasses feature squares at the bottom, while others feature more curved shapes that will block more sunlight and offer you a perfect peripheral vision.

The common materials go from titanium, aluminium to moulded plastic. At the same time, temple arms come in different styles that will offer you various comfort and grip options.

The first thing you should do is find the perfect aviator lenses to provide you peace of mind. Generally, the material and tin will affect your public appearance and perception apart from the performance.

The most common tints are black, grey, and green. You should know that these options will help you deal with a wide range of outdoor lights from low light, foggy to cloudy and sunny days.

Different Aviator Lenses You Can Choose

  • Amber/Brown – You should know that brown lenses tend to let more light go through them, which will help you identify various colours around you. However, they have less flexibility compared with green, Gray, and black. Therefore, we recommend you choose them for partly cloudy and sunny days.
  • Gradated – When it comes to lenses, you can also choose lighter ones at the bottom and dark at the top to achieve more significant flexibility. That way, you can see more details while blocking sun rays from affecting your sight.
  • Polarized – You can find the glasses that feature an ability to stop glare from blinding you while skiing, fishing, or hanging on the beach. They are perfect for driving in the afternoon because you can see more without any additional problem. Visit this link: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/how-you-get-sunburned-around-your-eyes-even-if-you-wear-sunglasses to understand the importance of UV protection.
  • Mirrored – Test pilots, astronauts, and ski tourists tend to use mirrored lenses to prevent solar ray reflection. That way, you can achieve more excellent protection. However, it is vital to choose them wisely for social settings because they can be intimidating to other people.

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