Pamper Your Mother with Gorgeously Arranged Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet

We all want to pamper our mothers and show her love in many ways to tell her that she is valued for who she is and for all the sacrifices she has done to us. When it is time for Mother’s day, the Australian markets are filled with delivery orders for flowers, chocolates, cakes, and gifts that each one of us chooses after putting in so much thought into making the day special for our mothers.

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Which flowers are sure to set your mother feel extra special?

While everyone favors one type of flower over another and the best way to show you care is to remember your mother’s favorite flower and get that into an intricately carved flower arrangement for her. However, some flowers are specifically used to set the mood right on Mother’s Day.


  • This is the choice that is received most popularly in Australia for deliveries on Mother’s Day.
  • Carnations signify the eternal love bond that every mother shares with her children.
  • The most sought-after color for carnations is pink on this special day that denotes your feeling of gratitude towards your mother.
  • A classic carnation bouquet can never go wrong.


  • It is a seasonal flower that grows in abundance when Mother’s day is around the corner.
  • Chrystal and Scarlet are the most popular Chrysanthemum varieties used during this day.
  • Red, pink, and white varieties are used to create extravagant flower bouquets that represent love, gratitude, loyalty, and honesty that you have in your heart for your mother.


  • Pink and purple tulips are perfect for celebrating this special day with your mother.
  • It has pretty colors and an amazing scent that lingers for a long will be truly appreciated by your mother.


  • Everyone adores luscious roses and they do not have to represent romantic love all the time.
  • Pink and yellow roses represent love for your family and friends.
  • You can also gift your mum a colorful bouquet of mixed roses to give her a rainbow of joy.


  • The beauty of lilies is timeless and that is why it has a special place even on mother’s day.
  • Symbolizing motherhood, lilies are also a sign of luxury which your mother is truly going to cherish on her special day.

Apart from the above 5 most sold flowers on mother’s day, you can also choose to use Anthurium in a small potted plant. Those mothers who love indoor plants will commend you for your choice. The heart-shaped petals of these plants are sure to give your mother that extra special vibe.

There are many potted plants like Persian violet that can also become a favorite mother’s day gift for it is a beautiful pink indoor plant, which she can cherish for years to come.

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