Meaning Of Lily Of The Valley Flower

What is the symbolism and meaning of Lily of the Valley?
Lily of the valley is a fragrant flowering plant used in world celebrations, religious ceremonies, weddings and birthdays, perfumes, and gardens. Lily of the valley also known as Mary’s tears, May bells, Jacob’s ladder, ladder to heaven, coverall lily, May lily, lily constancy, our lady’s tears, Muguet, and convallaria.

Lily of the valley is a plant that is ‘perennial’ and has a cute shape, these plants are fragrant flowers and a fragrant bell-shaped bell that hung on each stem. The flowers appear in spring in the four seasons. Lily of the Valley is one of the most beautiful in the lily family. Flowers are usually white flowers although sometimes there is also a white-colored pink. In September interest issued sweet berry fruit on the petals with a diameter of 5-7 mm. Lily of the Valley is also used for medical purposes, can prevent or reject the poison, used as well as liver and epilepsy treatment purposes. But keep in mind that the lily of the Valley are toxic if consumed in large amounts and can lead to death. Convallatoxin, a poison contained in the plant was used for heart medication purposes. Another use of this interest is to make perfume.

Lily of the Valley is a symbol of purity, simplicity, charm, and humility and is also believed to bring good luck in the world of romance therefore no wonder the flower is often found in the arrangement of flowers for the wedding. Because these flowers are generally grown in flower in May they it has been named as a symbol of the birth rate in May ( as well as emerald ) and these flowers are often referred to as “may lily “. Another alternative flower for the month of May is all other types of lily flowers. Flower Lily of the Valley is one of the flowers that appear in the Christian Bible stories believed that Our Lady of tears falling on the cross of Jesus transformed into a flower Lily of the Valley. Another story says that the Lily of the Valley flowers appears in the St. George story who fought against the dragon.

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